Sales Agreement

All the users shall be deemed to have read and accepted the sales agreement once they have completed their membership procedures.

The Sales Agreement is an Agreement for Sales in Virtual Environment between Depart and the Customer.

Article – 1

This agreement is intended to set forth the rights and obligations of the parties hereto concerning the sales and delivery of the product with the following characteristics and sales price sold by the seller to the purchaser pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the Law No. 4077 on Protection of Consumers and, of the Regulation on Application Principles and Procedures for Distance Contracts.


Article – 2



Article – 3


All the members: all the purchasers who become a member of DEPART e-commerce store and purchased products therefrom. (hereinafter shall be referred to as the purchaser or the customer)


Article – 4


The Type, Quantity/Brand/Model, Color, Number, Sales Price and Payment Method for the Goods/Products or Services are as described on the website and these promises are subject to change without informing the purchaser accordingly.

Article – 5


5.1 - The PURCHASER hereby represents that the PURCHASER has read and been informed of all the preliminary details concerning the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method for the product hereunder described under the article 4 hereof and, provided necessary confirmation electronically.

5.2 - The product hereunder shall be delivered to the purchaser or a person designated by the purchaser within the preliminary details depending on the distance of the residential address for each product and, if the product hereunder is to be delivered to another person other than the purchaser, the SELLER shall not be held responsible.


5.3 The SELLER shall be responsible for ensuring that the product hereunder is delivered in an intact and complete manner and in accordance with the specifications as specified on the purchase order and together with warranty certificates and instructions for use, if any.

5.4 - For the delivery of the product hereunder, this agreement must have been electronically confirmed and, the sales price must have been paid by means of a payment method preferred by the purchaser. In case the product price is not paid or cancelled at the respective back records for any reason, then the SELLER shall be deemed to have been relieved of the obligation to deliver the respective product.

5.5 - In case the products delivered to the PURCHASER and/or a person designated by the PURCHASER are of defective or faulty, the SELLER shall be notified accordingly so that the necessary repair or replacement could take place under the respective warranty conditions.


5.6- This agreement shall enter into force after it is electronically confirmed by the purchaser (once the membership procedures are completed) and received at


Article – 6


This agreement is governed by the Turkish Law and, the Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are competent.
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.