About Depart

    Depart: Ensuring complete and continuing spare parts supply for milling plants. Depart holds milling industry’s most comprehensive spare parts sales and distribution network. An inventory system that includes more than 10.000 types of parts is dedicated to support plants around the world dispatch their products on schedule. Our spare parts organization can supply spare parts for milling industry including electrical, mechanical and electronic components with short delivery times.

    Distribution Centers

    Our 3 distribution centers and 45+ offices around the world are linked by advanced CRM systems to ensure prompt and punctual spare parts delivery. Up-to-the-minute inventory information is available on demand to keep your plant operating at optimum productivity. Availability of local distribution centers optimizes transit time and minimizes shipping costs. Key Benefits; • Business continuity, lower risk and less downtime • Lower operational costs and greater operational efficiency • Global organization with short delivery times and low shipping costs

    Strong Dealer Network

    Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do at Depart. Local dealers network play a key role in providing our customers better availability of milling industry spare parts all over the world. This strong network supports you with accurate information to help you make best, and most informed decision for increased productivity in milling plants.

    Competitive Prices for Mills

    Large number of spare and wear parts manufactured at our own facilities shorten our delivery times while at the same time providing competitive prices to reduce maintenance costs. By working together with our designers and technicians, customer requirement specific changes can be implemented quickly.

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