Delivery Terms

Delivery Conditions


1) You may use your bank cards on our website to make payments through Bank Transfers or Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT).

2) In case of your online payments on our website using your credit cards, the respective amount will be collected from your credit card at the end of your purchase order. In case of a possible order cancellation or an order cancellation due to inventory problems, the price you have paid will be returned to your credit card. You need to inform our company’s finance personnel of your bank details and/or credit card details in an accurate and complete manner.

3) Delivery


You will be informed by our personnel of the delivery period about the product for which you place a purchase order.


Please make sure that the address on the online purchase order form is current to avoid possible problems with the product delivery.

4) Following the Payments

Your purchase order will be created once the payment is made.

Please take pictures which you think get harmed during the shipment and send it to the customer representative.

Complete the damage assessment report to be provided to you and send it to

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